No that’s not a miss print, vegan milk chocolate is actually a thing!.

Of the many things you may have missed going dairy-free, chocolate, more specifically milk chocolate, is definitely one of the big ones. If you’re like me you had resigned yourself to the fact that you would never find something that could replace the sweet, rich and creamy flavor of traditional milk chocolate. You may have even seen a few half-assed attempts at replacements in your local health food store only to find it… let’s say underwhelming.

Well, today we are bringing an end to that, though this product has been around for quite some time now, I only discovered it recently and with it’s growing popularity, it is fast becoming readily available and now likely in stock at a store near you, or at the very least you can order it quickly and easily online.

Vegan Milk Chocolate By Charm School

Vegan Milk Chocolate By Charm School

This coconut milk based chocolate is not just for vegans and people who are dairy intolerant, it is truly an improvement on traditional milk chocolate so good that anyone can benefit. It has the exact same texture, even more earthy flavor and is better for you! It truly kicks traditional milk chocolate to the curb in our book. It is no surprise why this chocolate is winning awards one after the other.

Charm School Coconut Milk Chocolate Awards

Currently, Charm School offers three flavors in their coconut milk chocolate range, the original Coconut Milk Chocolate,  Coconut Milk With Maple Candied Pecans and Coconut Milk Mocha. However, at the time of writing this, they have one additional limited edition flavor Peanut Butter Toffee, which we have yet to try. Will update you once we have.

Though we are a huge fan of all the flavors, our personal favorite is the Maple Candied Pecans, it can best be described as a piece of maple farm Canada laced into a pecan pie thrown into a chocolate bar, we just can’t get enough of it. But don’t let that stop you from trying their other flavors, the most recent award was given to the Mocha flavor and if you are looking for a more traditional style chocolate or if you are making a recipe and substituting milk chocolate, you want to go with the plainer original. It is the best vegan cooking milk chocolate substitute we have found.

(Picture below: Left: Back of Maple Candied Pecan, Right: Front of Original Coconut Milk Chocolate )

Inside Packaging Coconut Milk Chocolate

Where to buy it?

You can find a list of American and even one Canadian stockist on the Charm School Website here. I have purchased it directly from charm school online, the order and delivery were simple and fast.

Does it contain soy-lecithin or preservatives?

No. Charm Schools Coconut Milk Chocolate does not use any soy lecithin or other stabilizers and preservatives, there are no nasty additive for that matter. It is made from 100% pure ingredients, the majority of which are coconut, coconut butter, cacao and palm sugar (sugar made from the palm of a coconut tree).

About Charm School

One of the things that makes Charm Schools chocolate different is that their cacao is imported from over 30 different countries, where as most bean to bar producers get their cacao from only one region and in some cases two or three. The fact that they are reaching out to so many regions to source their cacao says to me that they have a clear understanding of the fact that different regions produce completely different flavors of cacao and you can use this to your advantage to achieve the precise flavors you want.

Charm School as a company opened in 2012 and is located in Gwynn Oak, MD. It is owned and operated by Joshua Rosen. Though the company goes to great lengths to ensure that their ingredients are organically sourced, they are yet certified organic.

Is it truly Vegan?

Yes, you may be wondering why I even ask this question. Well. the truth is that not many of the hundred plus brands of dairy-free bean to bar chocolates are truly vegan, though their ingredients may contain no milk, they can be processed with machines that also handle milk products so they are not suitable for people who have allergies to dairy or are extremely strict vegans. This is not the case with Charm Schools Coconut Milk Chocolates. It is certified vegan by and wares the vegan logo to prove it.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this review, in fact, Charm School is not even aware that I wrote it. My motivation for writing about this product is purely because I believe in it and want to support it.