Oh the day I discovered vegan butter. Be it something simple like having butter on my morning toast again, or getting the perfect texture in vegan cookies and cakes, having vegan butter replaced a tool in my toolkit that I truly needed.

Many people considering dairy-free diets have a difficult time picturing life without butter, if only they knew that there was a replacement, that tastes so good you can eat it straight from the jar, and in a blind test the vast majority would prefer the vegan option over traditional butter.

Why Not Just Use Margarine?

Though margarine is made predominantly with soy-based oils, in most products, you will find trace amounts of dairy, so it heavily depends on which brand you get. Even still we prefer to use vegan butter, though it is very much like a margarine in many ways, we find that it has a much better texture for cooking, a superior flavor and because it tends to use better ingredients, it offers better nutritional value as well.

What is a buttery spread if not butter?

The earth balance buttery spreads are all made from natural plant-based ingredients. Using expeller-pressing, which is a simple form of pressing vegetables to extract the oils, like their soy oil from the Midwest, canola oil from Canada and palm oils from Malasia and olive oil sourced internationally. Depending on the variety you have, different mixtures are used and whipped to form a buttery like texture along with; salt, purified water, natural flavoring derived from corn, soy protein, and beta-carotene for coloring.

All in all, it is a very natural product, using the preferred refinement methods, you can rest assured there is nothing artificial.

The Earth Balance Vegan Butter Range

I have tried 3 of the 6 vegan butter options earth balance offers; Original, Organic Whipped and Soy Free. I am dying to get my hands on the organic coconut spread, as I think it will be the perfect addition, for a hint of coconut in my baking, but I just can’t seem to locate it anywhere, same with the olive oil spread. As for the Omega-3, I have not heard great things about it, though some seem to need the benefit of the added fatty acids, it appears that the odd taste outweighs the positive, plus it offers no advantage in baking like the others do.

Earth Balance buttery spread has been dominating the market for quite some time now, it outsells any other vegan butter or margarine on the market fourfold, and it is readily available in stores just about everywhere (I even found it in rural Australia).

Why? Because it is so well crafted, they have indeed mastered the process of creating a buttery like texture at both room temperature, straight out of the fridge, or hot in a pan, making it the perfect baking companion. It works well as a lubricant on all cooking surfaces, and it tastes just like traditional butter, if not better. My personal favorite is Organic Whipped, aside from having additional health advantages, it is terrific for baking and has a fluffy texture making it the best for other general uses as well.


Organic Whipped

Soy Free

See more info about earth balance products here: Earth Balance Buttery Spreads

Have you tried any of the Earth Balance Buttery Spreads? Or any other brands worth a mention? If so please tell us about it in the comments section below.