Vegan Products

With new innovative vegan products hitting shelves each week, I felt that this site would not be complete without a vegan product section. It really surprises me how little people know about the myriad of new products available on the market. Many of them make vegan cooking much simpler and better, offering substitutes for traditional non-vegan recipes and some being superior in both taste and health. It truly is a good time to become a vegan, products like these make the transition that much easier.

Let me show you some of the better products I have discovered and how best to use them.


Earth Balance Vegan Butters

Oh the day I discovered vegan butter. Be it something simple like having butter on my morning toast again, or getting the perfect texture in vegan cookies and cakes,...


One of the biggest discoveries I have made since becoming a vegan has been Macadamia milk. Every single person, vegan or not, I have introduced it too has simply marveled at the...