Vegan Snacks

Vegan Energy Balls

Some vegan energy balls are delicious but there made up of mostly nut butter and chocolate, others are super healthy but lack flavor or are too dry, so we...

Spinach Wrap From Scratch

Its great to know that what your eating has only what you put in it, no preservatives no artificial colours and so on. Store-bought bread often contains dairy in the form of...

Vegan Snacking

Especially in the beginning, when it comes to being vegan, snacking can be the key to success. Both sufficient nutrition and feeling fulfilled all day long are common problems vegans can experience. Snacking is fun, delicious and healthy when done right. Though I’ll admit two of my favorite snacks are vegan chocolate and peanut butter on a store-bought rice cracker (50/50 corn and rice are the best) I can’t eat these all the time.

These types of vegan snacks are perfectly fine to eat every once in a while, but to be a truly healthy vegan one must both vary the snacks they are eating and ensure you’re getting some vegetables (no peanut butter does not count). To name a few good snack options, kale chips, energy bars/balls and dips eaten with chopped vegetables are all great ways to get everything you need while not sacrificing on deliciousness. 

We have tried our best here to make a variety of vegan snacks that will assist people in doing just that, though there are exceptions to these rules we have tried to keep the snack-making recipes simple and easy to make, as well as focussing on ones that can be stored for at least a few days in the refrigerator.

How Much Snacking Is Right?

It really depends on what your eating, if its super healthy vegetable-based dips, like our hummus or beetroot dip, there really is no such thing as too much. I have been known to pull out a dip at 6pm with some baby carrots and eat the whole thing only to find I no longer needed dinner. When your snacks are as healthy as this there really is no such thing as needing moderation, however, keep an eye out for vegan snacks that have sugar and salt in high quantities. Things like kale chips and energy bars are culprits for this as is anything containing vegan chocolate. When it comes to these types of snacks try to keep them to a maximum of once a day.