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Raw Carrot Soup

I contemplated omitting the word "RAW" from the title of this post because I know the word was off-putting to me prior to gaining experience with many incredible raw...

The Smoothie To End All Smoothies

This may be the most important page on the entire site!  So listen up. Do you think being a vegan can result in deficiencies in nutrients? Like Iron, calcium, B12 or lacking...

The Perfect Brown Rice

In the past, I have ordered a numerous of vegan bowls or power bowls with a base of brown rice. Even with simple ingredients such as steamed broccoli, sweet potato, avocado and...


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Simon Lissa

Simon Lissa


Through circumstances that were no fault of my own, and in spite of my stubbornness, the evidence to the benefits of plant-based eating was repeatedly thrown in my face, to the point where it became undeniable. Though I can take little to no credit for my transition into a healthier lifestyle, the shift to being vegan was not easy for me, but it can be if you know how. With a few ideas and a little preparation, each meal can be both exponentially more enjoyable and better for you. Be it one meal or all of them. Read More…

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