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Beetroot Dip

To come up with this perfected recipe, I personally made 10 of the top rated beetroot dips from the most reputable of authors I could find, I discovered that many of...

Soba Noodle Salad

This classic Asian style salad is so good, there was a time where I was eating 2-3 times a week. Not only is it tasty as hell, it is also extremely good for you. Soba...

Overnight Vegetable Pickling

I learned this little trick in a cooking class in Vietnam. It's so simple to do and well worth the time invested (which is not much). It takes all of about 5 minutes...


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Simon Lissa

Simon Lissa


Through circumstances that were no fault of my own, and in spite of my stubbornness, the evidence to the benefits of plant-based eating was repeatedly thrown in my face, to the point where it became undeniable. Though I can take little to no credit for my transition into a healthier lifestyle, the shift to being vegan was not easy for me, but it can be if you know how. With a few ideas and a little preparation, each meal can be both exponentially more enjoyable and better for you. Be it one meal or all of them. Read More…

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Earth Balance Vegan Butters

Oh the day I discovered vegan butter. Be it something simple like having butter on my morning toast again, or getting the perfect texture in vegan cookies and cakes,...


One of the biggest discoveries I have made since becoming a vegan has been Macadamia milk. Every single person, vegan or not, I have introduced it too has simply marveled at the...

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