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Vegan Hummus Dip

I think that at some point the vast majority of recipes for hummus got lost somehow. A traditional hummus dip should be soft and creamy, with an earthy...

Vegan Energy Balls

Some vegan energy balls are delicious but there made up of mostly nut butter and chocolate, others are super healthy but lack flavor or are too dry, so we...


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Simon Lissa

Simon Lissa


Through circumstances that were no fault of my own, and in spite of my stubbornness, the evidence to the benefits of plant-based eating was repeatedly thrown in my face, to the point where it became undeniable. Though I can take little to no credit for my transition into a healthier lifestyle, the shift to being vegan was not easy for me, but it can be if you know how. With a few ideas and a little preparation, each meal can be both exponentially more enjoyable and better for you. Be it one meal or all of them. Read More…

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Vegan Milk Chocolate By Charm School

No that's not a miss print, vegan milk chocolate is actually a thing!. Of the many things you may have missed going dairy-free, chocolate, more specifically milk chocolate, is...

Earth Balance Vegan Butters

Oh the day I discovered vegan butter. Be it something simple like having butter on my morning toast again, or getting the perfect texture in vegan cookies and cakes,...


One of the biggest discoveries I have made since becoming a vegan has been Macadamia milk. Every single person, vegan or not, I have introduced it too has simply marveled at the...